1986-1992Study of prehistoric and early historic archaeology and of classical archaeology at the University of Vienna. Selected lectures at the Institutes of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and Geodesy at the Vienna University of Technology.
1992Master of Philosophy, Department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology, University of Vienna.


Ph.D., Department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology, University of Vienna.

Habilitation in „prehistoric and early medieval Archaeology“ (Ur- und Frühgeschichte) at the Department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology, University of Vienna (colloquium: 17.6.2009).

Track Record

since 1987

Participation and Co-Direction of archaeological excavations in Austria: Sachsendorf, Gars/Thunau, Carnuntum, Franzhausen, Wien-Freyung, Laa/Thaya, Strögen, Kamegg, Wien-Leopoldsberg, Alberndorf, Schletz, Weinsteig, Platt, Roseldorf, Hornsburg und Schwarzenbach.
since 1992Researcher at the Department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology, University of Vienna. Fields of research: director of the aerial archive, archaeological prospection, surveying, photogrammetry, GIS.
Main fields of research:
1. Remote sensing in archaeology (aerial archaeology, airborne and terrestrial laser scanning, airborne laser bathymetry, image based modeling, imaging spectroscopy) including basic research and methodological development.
2. Landscape archaeology.
3. Digital documentation of archaeological excavations.
2010-2017Deputy-Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection und Virtual Archaeology (
2011Co-founder and member of the Initiative College for Archaeological Prospection at the University of Vienna (
2011Professor for “Ur- und Frühgeschichte, environmental- and landscape archaeology” at the University of Vienna.
2012-2013Director of the Vienna Institute of Archaeological Science (VIAS -
2014Corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
since 2002Member of the committee of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) –
since 1996Member of CIPA (ICOMOS & ISPRS Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage) –
 1996-2002: Chairman of the working-group “Photogrammetry and Archaeology”
 2002-2007: Associate member of the executive board
 2003-2007: Internet Communication Officer
 2003-2007: Internet Communication Officer
 since 2007: Secretary General
 since 2011: Vice-President



Best Paper Award: Digital terrain modelling for archaeological interpretation within forested areas using full-waveform laserscanning. CIPA-VAST-EG-EPOCH-EuroMed Joint Event, Nikosia, Cyprus, 30.10.-04.11.2006.


Tewkesbury Fellowship at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Engineering, Australia.
2013Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) 2013 Honors & Award Recipient

University Teaching

since 1993Various courses and seminars on aerial archaeology (theory and practice), airborne laser scanning, landscape archaeology, GIS, surveying, photogrammetrical applications in archaeology, CAD, digital documentation of stratigraphic excavations at the University of Vienna. Applied image interpretation at the Technical University of Vienna.

International Tutorials

1998Aerial Archaeological Training Week, 3.-9-Juni in Lezno, Poland 1998.
2001Aerial Archaeology Research School, Siena, Italy, 23.-30. May 2001.
2003Aerial Archaeology Research School in Foggia, Italy, 24. May – 1. June 2003.
2004Workshop at the Helsinki Symposium on Aerial Archaeology (HESAA) in Cooperation with English Heritage (Culture 2000 project: European Landscapes -  past, present and future; 4.-10. October).
2005International Workshop on „Recording, Modeling and Visualization of Cultural Heritage”, May 22-27, 2005, Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verita Ascona, Switzerland (ETH Zürich).
2006SOCRATES ERASMUS Intensive Program: “Remote sensing for past landscapes” in Ljubljana, 21.-26. January.
2006Summer School: “Exploring archaeological landscapes” in Grossetto, Italy (27.11. – 2.12. 2006).
2007Summer School: „Aerial Archaeology Research School“, 18.-27. Mai, Foggia, Italy (University Foggia, Culture 2000 Project ‘European Landscapes: past, present and future’).
2008International Summer School in Archaeology: “3D Modeling in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage”, Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland, 9-14 May 2008 (ETH Zürich, University of Siena, B. Kessler Foundation).
2009International Summer School in Archaeology: “The Archaeology of Mountain Landscape” (Università degli Studi di Padova - Dipartimento di Archeologia; Università degli Studi di Trento - Dipartimento di Filosofia, Storia e Beni Culturali e Dipartimento Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale (DICA)), 20.-28.Juli 2009.
2009International Workshop: “Digital Terrain Models from Full Waveform Laser Scanning”. (IPF TUWien) 13.11.2009).
2009Vorlesungszyklus: "European methodological studies for archaeologists". Masaryk University Brno – Institute of Archaeology. 01.10.2009.
2010First Specialization Forum: “Integrated non-destructive approaches to understand and valorise complex archaeological sites” in Ammaia (Marvão - Portalegre, Portugal) 5th – 11th July 2010.
2011Co-Organizer: 1st trans-disciplinary workshop on Agents in Archaeology (Wien, 3. und 4. März 2011).
2011Organizer: LBI-ArchPro Workshop: “Airborne Remote Sensing: State-of-Art” (Mannersdorf, 17.-20. März 2011).
2011Summer School, University of Siena & B. Kessler Foundation: 3D Modeling in Archaeology & Cultural Heritage (Grosseto, 29. August – 3. September).
2012Organisation: IC-ArchPro Workshop2 “Airborne Remote Sensing” (Wien, 28.-30. November 2011)
2012DITECUR – Digital technologies in cultural landscape research. ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme, Intensive Programme, University of Zagreb, 30.1.2012-12.2.2012. (Function: partner and lecturer)
2013DITECUR – Digital technologies in cultural landscape research. ERASMUS Lifelong Learning Programme, Intensive Programme, University of Zagreb, 28.1.2012-10.2.2013. (Function: partner and lecturer)
2013Co-Organisation: Strategien der Visualisierung in den Geisteswissenschaften: Probleme und Chancen. 4. Workshop des Forschungsschwerpunkts der Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftlischen Fakultät. 26.4.2013.
2016Summer School on Advanced archaeological prospection, documentation and interpretation for cultural heritage management, 26.-30. September, Vienna.

Selected Projects

since 2004Aerial reconnaissance in the area of Mazara del Vallo / Sicily (in cooperation with the community of Mazara del Vallo and Sopraintendenza di Trapani).
2004-2005Photogrammetrical rectification and aerial archaeological interpretation of all Middle Neolithic circular ditch systems in Lower Austria (in cooperation with ZAMG)
2004-2006„Die Kelten im Hinterland von Carnuntum“. Aerial archaeology as a basis for landscape archaeology in the Leitha region (Austrian Science Fund).
2004-2006IP 404001 – GIS-based georeferencing of all aerial photographs of the aerial archive at the department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology.
2004-2007Basic research on aerial archeology in alpine regions as part of the project: „Prähistorische und antike Verkehrswege in den Ostalpen –  zur Dokumentation und Rekonstruktion archäologischer Siedlungs-, Wirtschafts- und Verkehrsstrukturen mit Hilfe eines Katasters archäologischer Fundstätten  (KAFAlp)“. (Austrian Academy of Sciences. Head of project: Prof. O. Urban).
2006-2008„LiDAR-supported prospection in woodland“ (Austrian Science Fund).
2007Aerial archaeological interpretation and mapping of the „canabae legionis” in Carnuntum. (cooperation: County of Lower Austria).
2008Aerial archaeological interpretation and mapping of the „civil town” in Carnuntum. (cooperation: County of Lower Austria).
2009Luftbildarchäologische Kartierung des römischen Straßensystems im Großraum Carnuntum. Finanzierung: ÖAW.
since 2010Cooperative projects with the LBI ArchPro and its partner organizations in: England (Stonehenge), Norwegen (Larvik / Vestfold), Schweden (Birka und Uppåkra), Deutschland (Breitenbach und Stubersheim), and Austria (Carnuntum, Halbturn, St. Anna, Kreuttal). Finanzierung: LBG und Partnerinstitutionen.
2011In Kooperation mit dem Center for Nordic Studies (Dr. Alexandra Sanmark) und UFG Wien (Dr. Natascha Mehler):  ALS-Scans in Shetland im Rahmen von „The Assembly Project – Meeting-places in Northern Europe AD 400-1500“. Finanzierung: Natural Environment Research Council, England. 
2012-2014P24116-N23: Automated georeferencing and orthorectification of archaeological aerial photographs. Finanzierung: FWF

Partner in: Functions of an Egyptian town - Case study of Tell el-Dabá; FWF P25804. Principal Investigator: Irene Forstner-Müller, ÖAI.

2014-2016Partner in: P26368 Stone monuments and Stone Quarrying in the Carnuntum - Vindobona Are. Principal Investigator: Gabrielle Kremer, ÖAI.
2016-2018Prospecting Boundaries: Archaeology along the Mazaro, Sicily. FWF P28410.
2017-2019Iron-Age-Danube (EU - Interreg)

International Conferences

since 1991Presentation of papers and posters (integrated prospection, aerial archaeology, archiving, photogrammetry, GIS, digital documentation of cultural heritage, digital documentation of excavations and airborne laserscanning) on workshops and conferences in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, Holland, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Rumania, USA.