Mag. Julia Klammer

Universität Wien

Institut für Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1
1190 Wien
T: (+43) 01 4277 40304


General Research Interests

Landscape Archaeology, LiDAR-Prospection, GIS-Analysis, 3D-Visualisation, Historical Maps and Especially Transport Networks, Reworking Old Data with Modern Techniques.


Academic Education


Study of Archaeology at the Department of Prehistory and Early History (currently Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology), University of Vienna.

Master Thesis: “Altwegestrukturen im Hinterland von Mautern/Favianis”



Since 2015

“Beyond Lake Villages”, international research project (FWF I-1693),


“Graves of St. Stephan”, georeferencing and 3D-visualisation and of the graves at the cathedral of St. Stephan.


Hall-Impact: disentangling climate and culture impact on the prehistoric salt mines of Hallstatt (Austria), GIS-analysis, geofactor analysis, statistical analysis.

Since 2013

Aerial Archive of the Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna, LiDAR-prospection in eastern Austria.

Since 2011

Research in Hallstatt focusing 3D-visualisations of prehistoric salt mining sites, georeferencing of excavation maps and plans, mapping and documentation of prehistoric sites.



Since 2011

Research assistant, Early Iron Age graveyard and Bronze Age salt mine in the high valley of Hallstatt, Upper Austria, primarily in charge of spatial documentation (Natural History Museum of Vienna).


Local site manager, “Ginglsee” Early Modern Period deserted settlement, Lower Austria (Austrian Federal Monuments Office).


Site assistant, “Kleiner Anzingerberg” Copper Age hill settlement, Lower Austria (University of Vienna).


Site assistant, Avar Period cemetery in Frohsdorf, Lower Austria, and prehistoric settlement in Schwarzach, Bavaria, Germany (University of Vienna, University of Bamberg).


Site assistant, prehistoric settlement in Paudorf, Lower Austria, and a Middle Age Period site in Schollach within Schallaburg castle, Lower Austria (Archäologie Service, 3500 Krems).


Research scholarship, Later Iron Age hillfort in Schwarzenbach, Lower Austria (University of Vienna).


Site assistant, “Rauher Kulm” Early Middle Age settlement, Bavaria, Germany (University of Vienna, University of Bamberg).


Site assistant, mainly prehistoric sites in Pixendorf, Freundorf, Haselbach and Unterradelberg, Lower Austria (Archäologie Service, 3500 Krems).




Tutor “GIS-Applications in archaeology” at the Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna.