Selected Projects

since 2004Aerial reconnaissance in the area of Mazara del Vallo / Sicily (in cooperation with the community of Mazara del Vallo and Sopraintendenza di Trapani).
2004-2005Photogrammetrical rectification and aerial archaeological interpretation of all Middle Neolithic circular ditch systems in Lower Austria (in cooperation with ZAMG)
2004-2006„Die Kelten im Hinterland von Carnuntum“. Aerial archaeology as a basis for landscape archaeology in the Leitha region (Austrian Science Fund).
2004-2006IP 404001 – GIS-based georeferencing of all aerial photographs of the aerial archive at the department for Prehistoric and Early Historic Archaeology.
2004-2007Basic research on aerial archeology in alpine regions as part of the project: „Prähistorische und antike Verkehrswege in den Ostalpen –  zur Dokumentation und Rekonstruktion archäologischer Siedlungs-, Wirtschafts- und Verkehrsstrukturen mit Hilfe eines Katasters archäologischer Fundstätten  (KAFAlp)“. (Austrian Academy of Sciences. Head of project: Prof. O. Urban).
2006-2008„LiDAR-supported prospection in woodland“ (Austrian Science Fund).
2007Aerial archaeological interpretation and mapping of the „canabae legionis” in Carnuntum. (cooperation: County of Lower Austria).
2008Aerial archaeological interpretation and mapping of the „civil town” in Carnuntum. (cooperation: County of Lower Austria).
2009Luftbildarchäologische Kartierung des römischen Straßensystems im Großraum Carnuntum. Finanzierung: ÖAW.
since 2010Cooperative projects with the LBI ArchPro and its partner organizations in: England (Stonehenge), Norwegen (Larvik / Vestfold), Schweden (Birka und Uppåkra), Deutschland (Breitenbach und Stubersheim), and Austria (Carnuntum, Halbturn, St. Anna, Kreuttal). Finanzierung: LBG und Partnerinstitutionen.
2011In Kooperation mit dem Center for Nordic Studies (Dr. Alexandra Sanmark) und UFG Wien (Dr. Natascha Mehler):  ALS-Scans in Shetland im Rahmen von „The Assembly Project – Meeting-places in Northern Europe AD 400-1500“. Finanzierung: Natural Environment Research Council, England. 
2012-2014P24116-N23: Automated georeferencing and orthorectification of archaeological aerial photographs. Finanzierung: FWF

Partner in: Functions of an Egyptian town - Case study of Tell el-Dabá; FWF P25804. Principal Investigator: Irene Forstner-Müller, ÖAI.

2014-2016Partner in: P26368 Stone monuments and Stone Quarrying in the Carnuntum - Vindobona Are. Principal Investigator: Gabrielle Kremer, ÖAI.